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Do you feel like you are constantly rushing through life? As if you were on an unstoppable fast speed train which you cannot step down of?

Do you feel like you are constantly carrying extra weight?

Do you feel STUCK struggling with anxiety & depression loops?

Are you experiencing a lack of confidence, motivation, or self-trust?

Do you find yourself thinking, “There has to be more!” yet unable to manifest something new or different?

Do you feel like you are not yourself anymore?

I assure you, you are still in there and you are on the verge of transforming your life in an experience that is so much more fun!

It doesn't have to be so hard. Whatever change you are seeking, if it is physical, emotional or spiritual , you do not have to do it on your own. Together, we will declutter your mind, and reconnect to your core, your higher self. Reiki will make you remember this feeling of unconditional love, and anchor it down in your body and in your reality.   


You are here for a reason. Honor your intuition. Let's create the change that you have been craving for!



I originally graduated as a Project Manager for Local Development in the goal of working for Non-profit. In the process, I have had the opportunity to work for different NGOs as well. 

After every single one of those experiences, I felt unaccomplished and a strange feeling of fakeness. How could I be sure that what we were doing was doing more good than harm in the community we were engaging into? 

Yes, on a practical level, we probably were. But what about the psychological or spiritual level? What about traumas, limiting believes or assumptions that both parties had? Was that changing? Was the core of the problem actually being addressed? 

As the years went by, I started committing to my own practice, my healing, alchemizing my shadows and learning. And it all became very clear to me.  The best way to support the planet, Mother Earth, was by healing ourselves and increasing our awareness and consciousness. If every single one of us was able to cultivate unconditional love and seeking a neutral mind, we would take decisions  that are much more aligned to the need of the Universe. The reality of our world would definitely shift in so many incredible ways! 

How do we do that? By recalibrating our mind, our bodies and rearranging our energetic field. My goal is to be on Mother Earth's team, activate my powers and share my gift and knowledge with whoever feels called to my medicine. I believe it is a necessity for us all to heal on all levels, to ripple that glow to the people around us and be an active creator of the new world!! 

Sooooo, are you up for it?! You know that I am!! 😏



Why Sparkle Your Life?

Simply because, every morning, when I connect to the universal energy and I close my eyes, all I see are Sparkles. I feel a strong feeling of love coming from my chest and spreading through my whole self. I feel held, secure and safe. Every time, it gives me the strength and support I need to take the best decisions for myself!

With Sparkle Your Life, I want to accompany you on this journey to bring more sparkles into your life. Provide you with the tools that will allow you to become sustainable on your own healing journey.

I want you to become empowered of your own path and to allow the magic that the universe has been waiting to consciously share with you. 

It is sooo powerful not to be shared!! 



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