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You want to go deeper and more consciously into your healing process.

You want to shift your reality and generate sustainable change.

This perfect mix of Reiki Healing and Shadow Love is made for you! 


What is Reiki? 🙌🌟

A Japanese healing technic allowing to recalibrate the energy centers of your body. Through hands imposition, I will elevate physical, mental and emotional blocages that are showing up into your life through fear,  anxieties, limiting believes and pains.
The Reiki Healing will help you to recharge your energetic field, give you what you need to heal yourself, raise your consciousness to a higher level and help you in a very subtle way to reach your dreams and desires.

During the Healing Session, I'll be channeling messages just for you and be guided to use different tools to expand your healing. Depending on your specific needs, I could use crystals, sound healing, shamanism technics and work with archangels, guides, ancestors.

What is Shadow Love?  

The Shadows are the fears, anxieties, doubts, limiting-believes, traumas, addictions... Anything that is blocking you to live a happy life grounded in unconditional love. 

Indeed, we all have shadows and darkness inside of us. The usual reflex is to ignore them, hoping they will dissipate and never show up again. We choose to focus on the "Think Positive" mindset and keep going in a hurry. However, the purpose of the shadows is to help us grow and evolve. If we do not acknowledge them, they will always find a way to show up under different forms: Disease, pains, depressions. They can also manifest in your reality through repetitive situations or unsupportive people showing up in your life. You know that, right? When you really want to move forward but it feels like the universe is against you? It is because it wants you to listen.

Shadow Love is the process of acknowledging the darkness that lives inside of you, learn from it and alchemize it into your strength. 

Why Reiki Healing and Shadow Love together? 

During the Reiki Healing, I will tune into your higher self, read your chakras, channel your shadows and where they stem from. I will release what no longer serves you energetically and increase your own energy. We will take advantage of the highly intuitive and insightful knowledge channeled to guide you and support you through the process of Shadow Love. Together, we will go to the roots of your worries, bring their medicines into your life and consciously shift your reality. I will provide you with advices and tools curated for you only. You will feel empowered and able to keep on surfing on the wave of this powerful healing, if wanted. 

How does a Reiki Healing + Shadow Love session work? 🌝🔮

  • Duration 1hrs30 to 2hrs:1hrs Reiki Healing + 30min/1hrs Shadow Love

  • In person or remotely.


I will welcome you in my Reiki Healing Room.

First, we will answer your questions and set your intentions depending on your needs.

You will then lay down comfortably on the massage table.

The next 1 hour will be dedicated to the Reiki massage. During that time, I will:

  • Connect to your higher self to give you the exact energy you are needing,

  • Read each of your chakras,

  • Work individually on each of your chakras,

  • Harmonise your energy centers,

  • Activate your magnetizing power to attract supporting opportunities and reach your highest path,

  • Connect to your inner child, future self, ancestors, past lives, spirit animals, angels, spirits of light if needed,

  • Channel messages from the spirit world, 

  • Cut energy cords and release external entities/negative energies if needed,

  • Strengthen your auric field,

  • Increase your protection  from negative energies, 

  • Play Sound Healing using a Tibetan singing bowl,

  • Ground your energy and smoothly end the Reiki Session,

  • And so much more! Each Reiki session is different, I always adapt myself to the needs of my client and add tools depending on what is needed.

The Shadow Love will proceed during the remaining time. It is a highly valuable opportunity to tell you about the messages channeled from your guides, the blocages felt and the energetic release done. I will provide you with tools especially curated for you. It will support the Reiki massage and allow you transcend even more gracefully and consciously elevate your shadows. 

Depending on your needs, the Healing can also be done remotely. In its core, nothing changes to the healing itself. Energy travels time and space. Whenever and wherever your are! you can trust the universe is supporting you and doing the  job! 

There are 2 options: (1) organise a time during the day where you would lay down wherever you are, free from distraction or (2) schedule it during your sleep.

  1. Using Zoom: Before the session, you will receive all the information needed and a Zoom link. The session proceeds the exact same way except that it will be from the comfort of the place of your choice. as for an in-person. I invite you to read the in-person paragraph for procedure of the Reiki healing session.

  2. Scheduling during your sleep: If you do not have the time, this might be a good option for you! On my side nothing changes from a usual session. On your side , you will be able to go on with your life without having to change anything to it! I will still answer any questions you have and we will still put down your intentions before the Reiki healing. I will call you the following day, and transfer to you the main messages channeled and we will talk about your experience. 

Each person reacts differently to each Reiki Healing.

Usually my clients describe it like being in a meditative sate, where time and space don't exist. They feel free, supported and relaxed.

Experimenting the magical and loving energies of the universe definitely makes you feel lighter and energized and will keep on surprising you even months after. 

Anyway, I will stay available to you and we will keep contact after the healing! 


Practical Informations

I am not a doctor
No need to undress, just come in comfy clothes.
No massage, only hand imposition on the body. 
Healing can also be done remotely. 

Initiated by Chantal Collins - ChantaAlexandre

90min 100€
120min 130€




How to Work with me? 🙌🌟

You can book an appointment with me in 3 different ways:

1. Book online here for distance healing

2. Whatsapp: +32474814025

3. Instagram Private Message: Charlinegreg

4. Mail:


This is not the first time that I have received energy treatments, especially by Charline, but remotely it was a big first for me! I threw myself into it without any expectation (because remotely) and yet, the results were there. Believe it or not, but 1 session of 1 hour and the fatigue was totally gone! I felt boosted, the energetic effects definitely there. What I enjoy most about Charline's sessions is the final debriefing, when she shares her feelings and impressions, and it totally matches what is going on in our life right now. This is not a method where you need to believe in it to see the effects. A person can be very receptive and feel the effects or a person can be totally against it and also feel all the benefits of this method.
Just to satisfy your curiosity, a piece of advice, go ahead!

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